Wednesday, December 15, 2010


"Can you e-mail me that recipe?"

"Oh I MUST have that recipe!"

How many times will you hear that sentence this Holiday?

Inside my very special recipe binder, are recipes from all over the place -  From cookbooks, the internet, from friends, and even from people I've only met once (at a party, where I've said "Oh I MUST have that recipe").

This recipe came from that ONE SIMPLE SENTENCE.  A friend mentioned her Whiskey Meatballs, and I immediately thought ..... "Oh I NEED That Recipe"?

So I asked.

And she generously obliged.

Thank you Mary E. for sharing your DELICIOUS Holiday Whiskey Meatballs.  And I mean DELICIOUS!

Here are the ingredients:

1 Trusty Crockpot
1 bag (1 lb.) frozen meatballs
1/2 heaping c. Ketchup
1/2 c. Packed Brown Sugar
1/4 c. Whiskey
1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice
1 teaspoon Worcestershire Sauce

NOTE:  1 bag of (1 pound) frozen meatballs is only about 18 to 20 meatballs.  That is perfect for a small get-together.  But if you're going to a larger party, you might want to get TWO bags of meatballs, which you would then, DOUBLE the above recipe.

ANOTHER NOTE:  I happened to have some left-over Bourbon Whiskey from my Bourbon slushes recipe, so I just used that.  I'm liquor illiterate, so I don't know the difference between plain ole Whiskey and Bourbon Whiskey.  Either way, they turned out DELISH with my Bourbon Whiskey.  Whiskey is Whiskey I guess (no feedback please from subject-matter experts).

In a medium bowl, combine all ingredients except your meatballs.  Mix up really well.

Once all Whiskey'd up, place your frozen meatballs into your Crockpot.

I have an old vintage 70s 'Crockpot with little Mushrooms on it - so cute.  What I'm trying to say is (I got side-tracked with the cutsie mushrooms),  the older Crockpots are smaller, which is what I like for "Party" recipes.  Seems like the new Crockpots are so dang BIG.  The older Crockpots are smaller, and are perfect for the "Party" Crockpot. (I got my 70s one at a local flea market)

I DO have the large Crockpot (Thank You Kathy R.) and that is perfect for dinners and such. But if you are only using 1 or 2 bags of meatballs for this recipe, then the smaller Crock is better.

Enough about Crockposts.  Place your frozen meatballs into your Crock, and pour over the Whiskey sauce.  Mix it up all around so each meatball is coated with the Whiskey goodness.

Now turn the heat up to High.

Let them warm up, and stir occassionally.  This could take about an hour,since they are frozen,  then turn them down to low for a couple hours until they are nice and warm.

Party Meatballs are da bomb!  Especially with Whiskey.

I promise you, someone will ask you "Can I have this recipe?"


Oh I know where they name Whisky-a-Go-Go came from!

 Man these things are good!

Thank you Mary E.


Fast forward to the next day. I had a few meatballs leftover......I boiled a couple potatoes, mashed them up real quick like,  and made some buttery mashed potatoes. 

 Oh my gosh....Look what I did! 



  1. These look delish! A lot like Pioneer Woman's comfort meatballs - except with the addition of booze. Perfect for the holidays! What brand of frozen meatball did you use?

  2. Rachel, I used V's frozen meatballs. Not sure if everyone has them all over, but here where I live, it's the "better" frozen meatballs (know what I mean?).
    And YES, the mashed potato and meatballs are an idea I got from Pioneer Woman! LOVE HER!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  3. lol Sally, I made these for Christmas and they were so so good. I blogged about them and linked ya....take a peek! :)

  4. Thanks Funky Punky. I actually found that little 1970s gem at a thrift store! It had not even been used. Still had the instructions inside!

  5. I realise I'm about a year behind the eight ball with these but WOW! I made them for our family Christmas get together & they disappeared before my husbands side even arrived!
    I blogged about them too, it saved me giving out the recipe 100 times as you warned would happen!

  6. just saw this on pinterest and have to make these i have done the ones with chili sause and grape jelly and the ones that have bbq sauce and pineapples and bell peppers

  7. This looks absolutely amazing! Someone pinned this on Pinterest (from The Tasty Kitchen Blog) and I repinned from your site - which I now subscribe to! Thanks for the recipe and I can't wait to see what you come up with next!

  8. Just found this on pinterest- does the whiskey cook out in the crockpot enough to be able to serve these to kids?

  9. These were Awesome...had a Christmas Party and double it like suggested and there still wasn't enough! The whiskey does cook out of them, they are delish. This will now be a must at all my parties! Thanks for sharing.

  10. These meatballs were absolutely delicious. I made six pounds for my husbands bday party and the guests ate them up like they were going out of style! Thanks for sharing this great recipe!!

  11. what can I used instead of the bourbon whiskey I need for work

  12. I just have to do this.............USE WHISKEY AND NOt BOURBON!! Lol They are definitely different:) but I guess to each their own:) Thanks for sharing this. IM writing it down and doing it for camp this weekend!

  13. Do you use regular meatballs or italian meatballs? thanks!


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