Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mini Crockpot Appetizer. 1-2-3 DIP. A No-Brainer

Over the past several years, I've somehow obsessively obtained three of these little 1.5 quart mini crockpots.

My recent purchase is this one by Proctor Silex.  
They come in some really snazzy colors as you can see.  I got the Lime Green one, but they also have bright orange, yellow and red.

They're incredibly handy because they are specifically made for get-togethers.  Easy to transport and small 1.5 quart which makes them utterly perfect for warm dips.

I loved my little lime green friend even more, when I opened the box and found it came with one of those handy white stretchy things.

You know.  The big white rubber band that keeps the lid from flopping off when your husband takes a turn too fast on your way to Jan & Bob's because you're running late.

These little guys are ideal when you're hosting a get-together and you have a couple different types of warm dips you wish to serve your guests.

They take up very little space and this way you can offer your guests a variety of warm appetizers, without the GIANT crockpots taking up huge amounts of counter or table space. 

One placed in the kitchen......and perhaps one placed in the main area where the party is being held.....Leads to........ "no crowds at the dip line".

Here is one of my favorite warm dips that can be served perfectly in your Mini 1.5 Quart crockpot.

Plus the name totally gives away the recipe.

One-two-three ingredients.....it's a No-Brainer.

1 Roll Jimmy Dean Sausage (Regular Flavor)
2 Cans Rotel, Drained
3 Cubes Cream Cheese 

Get it?
One-Two-Three Dip.

Brown the sausage on the stove in a large-ish pot.  You can use Hamburger if you wish, instead of the Jimmy Dean Sausage Roll.

Once the sausage (or hamburger) has completely browned, empty the two cans of Rotel in the pot.  Be sure to drain the Rotel.  Don't want your dip all watery.

Cut up your 3 cubes of cream cheese into quarters, and plop right in with the mixture.

Place the heat on Medium High and keep stirring regularly until cream cheese melts.  Be sure to stir frequently, you don't want stuff to stick.

Once cream cheese is all melted, transfer into your mini crock pot.

Now if you are a really good at time management, then by all means, fry up the sausage, and then place the cubes of cream cheese and Rotel in the crockpot, add the cooked sausage, and then let the crockpot do it's "slow cooker thing".

But if you're like me, and running around like a maniac before a party, then you might want to get everything all melted real quick-like on the stove first.

One-Two-Three you're done.

Serve with Tortilla Chips.

Thank you Jeri A. for this recipe! 

I'll never forget the day you brought this into work.  I think I shoveled half of it in my mouth as fast as you can say one-two-three.


  1. I have been doing this for years, only instead of cream cheese, it is made with Velveeta. My kids loved it, and we would never have any left over!

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