Tuesday, August 23, 2011

FRESH SQUEEZED Orange Juice.... Don't Be Fooled! Plus a Neato Juicer

I'm not going on a big fanatical tangent about store-bought Orange Juice. 

Although I'd like to.

Instead,  I wanna tell you why one simple solitary orange can give you the Best Tasting.....Better For Ya......Instant Dose of Pure, Unadulterated Vitamin C......Just like THAT!

As the years begin to add up on my Life's-Calendar, I'm becoming more aware of what I eat, where it comes from, and if I'm making the right choices.

I've also learned how "clever marketing ploys" can trick you into thinking you're buying something good for you.....When in fact, it's only a mere shell of it's true original form.

Take store-bought Orange Juice for example.

True, "fresh squeezed" Orange Juice is literally impossible to package and sell.

In order to get the pure health benefits from "fresh squeezed" orange juice, it literally has to be squeezed and drank straightaway.  

Otherwise, it has to be heat treated, pasteurized, processed with additives, all of which, ZAPS the pure juice of its true health benefits.

It's an Orange in disguise really.

Store-bought orange juice is FAR FROM a Glass of Sunshine that the juice companies are implying.

Oh it's down right exhausting, all the information available on what happens to orange juice before it hits your grocer's refrigeration section.

I'll let you read all about it on your own, or you can just trust me when I tell you that no OJ is more pure than one single fresh squeezed orange.


Which leads me to my new favorite juicer that I bought from TJ Maxx (also know across the country as Marshall's or Home Goods).  Quick, go there and see if they have any left.  You'll thank me for it.

It's nothing fancy.

It's cute.  It's simple.  And it's ergonomically perfect.

It's got a great little spout.

Perfect for catching the seeds.

Which, by the way, seed catching is imperative for recipes that call for juice from a Lemon.  Darn those little lemon seeds.

Plus, this handy dandy little juicer, squeezes out every last drop from your citrus product with very little effort.

If you are a pulp eater like my hubby, or have a recipe such as Lemon Orange Pound Cake which calls for pulp, this little baby will catch the pulp nice and neatly too.

Pure, delicious Vitamin C.

Oh, and fresh squeezed orange juice also has Vitamin A, Potassium, Calcium, fiber, antioxidants, and all kinds of essential amino acids which the body needs to make and repair healthy muscles.

But don't tell your kids all that gobbledy gook, their tiny little brains don't need to hear that just yet.

Just one, cute, round, supple, navel orange, can give you your daily allowance of Vitamin C.  All  in one quick squeeze.

So easy.
So pure.
So good for ya.

Your daily boost from this fruit couldn't be simpler.

Buy a big bag of oranges.

Cut ONE in half.

Use your handy dandy little juicer and squeeze away.

No added garbage.

The real McCoy.

Good stuff your body craves.

Juice from about 2 to 3 nice sized Navel oranges (1 c.) will give you your daily dose of Vitamin C.

Now get to squeezing and put that REAL Glass of Sunshine back in your life.

I am not professing to be a doctor, or a nutritionist, or dietitian.  What I wrote here might not be worth a hill of beans. It's just my personal opinion about fresh squeezed orange juice.
(This note is written just in case Minute Maid or Tropicana decide to send me a nasty-gram.
This sort of thing happens quite often when you publish your opinion on the Internet for the world to see).


  1. Thanks sweetheart ,it's so simple to live healthy yet we always find excuses and ways of buying the junk they sell labelled as Pure orange juice ,have a good day x

  2. You are so right! Fresh juice soooooo good for you. Sadly with all the obese people in the world like we have rushing around earning money to eat more rubbish and get more obese. good clean food is a thing of the past to most people. But as the world will start killing themselves with obesity we will all come back to clean food eventually.
    Nice to see someone appreciates the goodness and taste of beautiful fresh juice and so nicely presented.
    Lovely to see.

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  3. You're absolutely right. I did research and found exactly what you found and am now having a fresh orange. Before, I made my decision to eat fresh, I bought freshly squeezed orange from Whole Food. I'm still waiting for an answer as to the shelf date which should be 3 days. My bottle showed 8 days from the date I purchased. Again, thank you for confirming what I found in my reserch

  4. I am totally agreed with you. I just love orange juice. The pics of oranges are looking awesome. I mostly take fresh orange juice and sometime i take goji berry juice it is also very healthy drink.
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  7. I drink lots of liquids such as beer and whiskey in my diet of booze. At first I felt crappie every morning but now I don't sleep and it make me feel like butt without it every morn, afternoon and night but I only drink it when I alone or with someone. I can see oranges talk about me and hear them growing in a very offensive way. They sit and plot on me. They don't want me as a sun beam. They want me dead or they will die trying. Think I just herd one sneaking around under my bed. How did u say to squeeze the life out of them and where do I buy one of those orange gut drain/squeeze devices! The year 666 bc the mission: destroy oranges be for oranges destroy mankind. God is in the tv. Cheese is good player. Outtie 666 bc. Keep it hood. Buy, sell, consume, die. Stop following corporate influence because it supports laws against mankind and chicks too.

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