Four Walls


Be it Small or Grand.

Brick or Stone.

Modern or Vintage.

Clean or a Tad Bit Cluttered.

Home is where we rest our weary bones. 

Home is where we're most comfortable.

Home is a place when after a long hard day, we walk in and go "Ahh".

March 6, 2011

Open Kitchen Shelving.

Every magazine I pick up, every home decor website I visit....there it is.

No kitchen cabinet doors, just open shelving.

I wish I could be so confident.

I wish I could be so organized.

It's like your whole life story is open, for everyone to see.

It's like people with open shelving are saying "Go ahead, take a look, I don't care.  I'm so organized I don't need to have doors on my cabinets".

I sit and look at these pictures for hours, just looking on the shelves, seeing what exactly is placed on them. Seeing how they organize.  Seeing how they mix old vintage jars and canisters with brand new dishware.

People with Open Kitchen Shelving sure are cool.  They're like the popular kids.

One day I hope to be cool enough to show the whole world the inside of my cabinets.

I love all those clear glass jars in the photo above.

Below this cool person put a little plant in with their cups and glasses.

Even though the cool person's shelves below, has normal, every-day items on their shelves, you have to give them big time Kudos for having the coolness to show their stuff to the whole wide world.  Nothing really matches, but yet it looks good. 

I love the open shelving to show off all your cookbooks like this uber cool person did.

This kitchen below is simply adorable.  I want this kitchen. I would take this precious vintage kitchen in a heartbeat.  So cozy and quaint.  Love the blue retro phone. Look at the back door with the old glass door knob.  Oh and look behind the sink at the wonderful vintage stove.  I think I have that EXACT yellow cooking pot that's on the top shelf.

I told you I look at every detail of these photos.  This little kitchen is my very very favorite.

Boy this person below is ULTRA confident.  She even has her pots & pans cabinet without doors.
No way Jose!  I could never be so cool.

Is that an old Retro radio on the shelf below?  Gosh these people are high on the Cool-O-Meter.

What would happen if the cabinet doors in your kitchen disappeared?

February 26, 2011

I've never been a reader. I wish I had the patience to sit and read a good book.

I start off reading with such gusto.  Then I fizzle. 

I have books lying around the house, half read.  A fourth read.  Or not even cracked open.

I'm ashamed to say I can't sit still, I'm too impatient. I have ants in my pants.

So I find it very funny that the one home design element that I simply adore, are bookshelves. 

Every time I see a home with bookshelves,  I say quietly to myself  "Oh look! Those people read. They must be so smart".

Bookshelves filled with books (that have been read of course) make a home so cozy.  So comforting.

The people who own these shelves below have such cozy homes.

Plus look how smart they are.

One can tell...... if the books on your bookshelves have been read ya know.