Meet Sally

Hi, I'm Sally.

I love to cook.

I'm currently finishing up my 40s and heading into that half century mark. Yikes, doesn't seem possible.

I live in Kansas City, and that's where I do most of my eating, cooking, entertaining, and running around.

I am a trial and error cook.  Many years of errors, result in tried-and-true Winners.
I've been cooking since I was 20, so according to my calculations, that's about 30 years of  finding some really good Winners.

All my Winners are immediately put into what I call my "Recipe Binder".  If I could insure this sucker, believe me, I would.  That's how important it is to me.  You know, it's one of those "if your house caught on fire, what would you grab" sort of things.

Anyway, I love to share items from my Recipe Binder, and even more, I love to keep on testing to see what proves good enough to be added.

I have a super cute hubby who compliments my cooking.  See, isn't he cute?

I have a beautiful daughter who wants to bake for a living, and 2 step-sons whose taste buds are still in the beginning stages, but that's ok, you have to start some where.

This That & The Other:

I collect old wooden spoons, and lots of em.

I wish my countertops were butcher block.  Instead I cover them with large chopping boards and pretend I have solid wood countertops.  Maybe one day!

Owls have a special place in my heart, and it's not because they are the "IN" thing right now.

I love to drink my nightly wine out of old 1960s motel glasses.  Preferably Ramada Inn.  I've been colleting these wonderful old glasses for years, and love the feel of the heavy glass bottom.  They just don't make high-ball glasses like that anymore!
If I feel really eager, I even pick my own wine grapes.

I love Adirondack chairs and have 2 bright orange ones on my back patio.  Pretty Spiffy Huh?

When I'm not in my kitchen, and weather permits, I'm out in my back yard.   I love it there.

I have 3 little doggies that I can't imagine life without, all 3 probably weight a total of  12 pounds combined.

Julie Andrews song "My Favorite Things" is what I played to my pregnant belly for my daughter, and 19 years later, it still makes me tear up when I hear it.  Such a sentimental fool I am.

Anyway,  if I can recommend one thing to anyone who loves to cook, quick,  run and get yourself a recipe binder.  You will look back on it 30 years from now and smile, as each recipe will bring back certain memories.  Each page filled with food splatter and cooking stains, from years and years of  turning to your trusty binder for family favorites. 

These pages are not just words on paper, but memories of each and every event that you took that recipe to.

Maybe one day your daughter will look in your binder and share your "Winners" with her family.  And soon they will be her Winners too. 

After all, isn't that what cooking and sharing recipes is all about?

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you enjoy my Winners as much as I do.

You can reach me at:  sldarling2003 (at) yahoo (dot) com