Monday, May 30, 2011

MOOD LIGHTING.......Say Hello To My Little Friend, the Mason Jar.

Well, it's officially "Outdoor" time.

Us Midwesterners have a very small window of "outdoor" opportunity, and before you know it, we're back inside, hiding in our houses, waiting for that perfect evening to come along.

It's either raining, blistering hot, or utterly freezing around here.  So when the weather is perfect for Patio Sitting, we are outside faster than you can say......well......faster than you can say ...."Quick get outside before the weather changes".

My favorite outdoor sitting time is in the evening.  To me, there is nothing better than sitting outside on a perfect night.  And there aren't too many of those around these parts during a 365 day span.

So when they finally arrive, we take full advantage of them.

That's when Mood Lighting comes in.

Say Hello to my little friend............the Mason Jar.

Mason Jars, or Ball Jars (depending on what your grandma use to call them) are inexpensive ways to light up that perfect evening.

Just drop in a tea light candle or votive candle, and Voila........instant Mood Lighting.

* Line them up all around the edge of your patio

* Place them all around the ledge of your deck

* Hang them from trees

* Cluster them together, all different shapes and sizes, on your patio table

* Scatter them here and there in your back yard like little lightening bugs

So many ways and creative uses for these little fellas.

Almost any second-hand store you go into, you're gonna find Mason Jars for a pretty reasonable price, just waiting to be re purposed, and proud to give you that patio Mood Lighting.

You can find bags of 200 tea light or votive candles at Michaels or Amazon, for about $20.

A very cute, clever, and inexpensive way to set a cozy ambiance to your perfect evening.

So hurry up.

Get out there and enjoy those beautiful evenings.

And don't forget your little friend Mason, to help you create the perfect mood.