Thursday, October 7, 2010

Yummy Goodness

I'm not alone I know it, but I just LOVE the month of October.
Living in the Midwest, it's probably the best time of year.  Football, Crisp Cool Weather (A welcome to the terribly hot month of August), Flannel Shirts, Scarves, and of course, Fall Cooking.
October is probably the one time when people just throw diets out the window.  Afterall, we need to pack on a few pounds and get ready to hunker down for a long cold winter.

I love this gal, The Pioneer Woman.  Her recipes are great, simple, and she's just awesome over-all.
I mean who does not want to immediately start stuffing your face with this?

Pasta Alla Marlboro Man is her recipe, and trust me when she tells you, it will get you a marriage proposal.

Go here now!  Welcome Fall/October with open arms!

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  1. Hey Sally, this is not so much about the pasta as it is to tell you I've just come from reading about you on Brian's New York Photo. Your's is a classic American story and I took the liberty of linking to it on my Facebook page. I see you have a new blog - I wish you well. Come and visit mine when you can.