Sunday, January 16, 2011

Curly Q Cheese on Eggs - My New Favorite Grater

I get excited over the simplest of things really.

I bought this cute little grater because I finally broke down and bought a chunk of Parmigiano Reggiano. You know, the stuff that all the Food TV people use.  Whatever happened to plain ole Parmesan?  It's a fraction of the price of it's fancy schmancy relative, Parmigiano Reggiano.

Anyway, back to my cute little grater.

One morning I made some scrambled eggs and thought Swiss cheese a-top would go quite nicely. 

Perfect chance to use my new little grater.

See how cute it is:

Some mornings a gal has to have scrambled eggs piled high on a piece of buttered toast , with just a sprinkling of cheese.

And oh to my surprise, lookie at what my new little grater did.

It gave me Curly-Q Cheese!

Cute little curly pieces of cheese, that not only melt perfectly but is so pretty to look at. (see them in the background all cute and curly).

Sometimes all you want is a light sprinkling of cheese on top of something to satisfy your cheesy cravings.

And if it just-so-happens that the light sprinkling of cheese is all Curly-Q looking, then how happy things will be!

It melts perfectly and oh-so quickly.

Just think of it.  Think how pretty it will make your salads.

Or use it with Cheddar Cheese and make an awfully pretty pile of Nachos.

Or what about curly pieces of cheese to sprinkle on top of your tacos or on top of a casserole.

Or what about curly pieces of chocolate sprinkled here and there on your baked goods. Oh my!

I am so happy I bought this little grater.

Just in case you want Curly-Q cheese here's the link:

I told you I get excited over the littlest things.


  1. That's so funny -- I never thought of the shreds from a little grater as cute curly-Qs, but I love thinking of them that way!

    This looks super yummy!

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  3. The recipe of Curly Q Cheese on Eggs is looking very unqiue and different. Its always nice to taste something different and new. I will surely try this one.