Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Capture the Moment. MOTHER too many Photos!

I think my daughter is a tad bit fed up with my constant picture taking of our food.

I don't blame her one bit.  I've gone, somewhat, snap-happy.

Like the other day for instance, she comes in the kitchen after smelling a Brisket that I had just made, and asks if she can have some.

I fix her a plate with some Brisket, potatoes & green beans, and as I am handing it to her, it happened.

I saw a PERFECT photo opportunity.

The food, just so happened to be arranged perfectly.  I pulled the plate back, straight out of her hands, and said  "HOLD ON . Don't touch this plate yet".

I ran and got my camera and snap snap snap, started taking photos of the perfectly arranged plate with brisket and potatoes.

"Mom, come on. Can I eat that now"?

Snap Snap Snap

"Mom, are you done yet?"

Snap Snap

"Mom, I'm hungry, can I have my plate"?

Snap Snap..... "Hold on, one more photo", I said.

"MOTHER, please give me that plate"!

She called me "Mother", she was really annoyed with me now.

What have I become?

I'm starting to see photo opportunities with every plate that passes before me. 

I feel as though I need to "capture" the moment before it's gone.

Well that's what I did the other day.

All I wanted to do was "capture the moment" before it was gone.

All I innocently wanted to do was "capture" something that made me so so happy.

I walked by my daughter's bathroom and happened to catch a glimpse of her curling her hair, getting ready for work.

I could not believe it was my baby girl. 

When oh when did she grow up?

That HAIR!  Simply Stunning.

She obviously didn't get the "hair gene" from me!

Like any adoring & proud mother would, I quietly ran and got my camera. 

I stood in the hallway snapping photos, not believing how beautiful she has become. 

Where oh where did the time go?

She lives under my roof, I see her every day, and yet I looked at her and wondered when did this happen?  When did she suddenly go from unicorn sticker books and glitter, a beautiful young lady?
Snap Snap Snap

Tears of pride were welling up in my eyes. I could barely see but I kept snapping more photos.

Calmly and very celebrity-like......she turns to me and says.......

"Mother, Honestly!  I'm not one of your food entrees you can photograph for your blog!"

We both instantly started laughing and laughing until we were doubled over and our sides hurting.

I realized how creepy she must have felt with her own mother stalking her.  Like a 12 year old girl stalking Justin Beiber.

I took one last photo.  I couldn't help myself.

She turned away from me like a movie star turns from the annoying Paparazzi.

"Mother please!  I'm not an Asparagus Frittata you can photograph whenever you want".

She teases me relentlessly and we laugh and laugh.

But between the teasing and the laughing at my constant picture taking, all I want to say is this......

Capture the moment before it's gone.

Time goes by so swiftly.

They grow up right before your eyes and sometimes you don't even realize it.


  1. LOL -- I can totally relate to this, at least in terms of food (not in terms of kids of my own). :-) My husband and most of the friends with whom I regularly dined are trained now to say, "Can I start eating this, or are you going to take pictures?" I can't decide if that's awesome, or terribly sad!

    Also, can I add that I have major envy of your daughter's hair? Beautiful, indeed!

  2. Now the waterworks are starting again. Your baby really is beautiful and I'm so jealous of her hair. When does it happen? You turn around and they are grown people. Even when we are grown though, we always need our Momma.