Tuesday, June 7, 2011

DUTCH OVEN LOVE: The battle between CRUESET vs LODGE

I'm an avid Food Blog follower, and a blog that I love to follow is "The Hungry Mouse".

She's incredibly fun and is one of my favorite food bloggers.

This week she featured the one of the most clever posts I've ever read. 

Being a HUGE fan of my Crueset Dutch Oven, she instantly had my attention.

If you have a Dutch Oven, or always see all the Food TV cooks with their fancy white-bottomed pans, and always wondered what they are and what kind to buy - then you really need to read her post. 

Quite the clever lady.  Trust me, you'll be glued to every word.

A Battle between two Dutch Ovens!
by Hungy Mouse

Let me start by saying: This was not a scientific experiment. This was one little mouse in her kitchen with 2 pots and 8 lbs. of short ribs.

When it comes to cast iron, to a lot of people, there’s Le Creuset and Staub, then there’s everybody else.

They’re the Rolls Royce and Bentley of cast iron cookery. Of course, they also both come with hefty (think $200+ in many cases) price tags.

So when a couple of folks asked me recently what kind of cast iron they should buy, I wasn’t sure what to say.

Dutch oven love

I love my Le Creuset dutch oven. It’s actually the only one I’ve ever had. I picked it up on a super sale at Marshall’s maybe 15 years ago for well under $100. (Get the same pot today on Amazon.com for $279. Yikes, right?)

Now do I have your attention?  That was just a little snip of her post.

Finish reading and find out which Dutch Oven won the Battle here:  Hungry Mouse's Dutch Oven Battle - Click Here

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