Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Easy Peasy RASPBERRY Cobbler. Eating Instructions Provided

I have a bad habit.  I will admit it.  Sometimes I get anxious when people don't "eat the way I eat".

According to my daughter,  I always seem to make gentle "suggestions" to people on HOW to eat something. (I do it out of love of course).

For instance, I gently "suggest" (over and over again - or so I'm told) ..."Be sure and squeeze a little lime juice on the fish before eating it"............. or........ "Oh please don't forget to dip this into that".........or....."I think you should pour this on top, it tastes really good that way"

My daughter frequently announces to me: "Stop telling me how to eat!"

Hubby is a little more polite to me, and simply says "No Thank You, I like this on top it instead".

You'd think I'd learn to just let people eat.  After all, people DO know how to eat right?

All I'm trying to do, is make sure that a person has the best eating experience possible.

Isn't that what a good mom slash hostess slash cook is suppose to do?

So without further ado. I'm gonna tell you exactly how to eat this Raspberry Cobbler.

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1 stick butter
1 1/4 c. sugar
1 c. self-rising flour
1 c. milk
1cup fresh raspberries ( 6 ounces or 1/2 pint)
1 Tbsp. Raw Sugar
Vanilla Ice Cream - if you forget the Vanilla Ice Cream, then you better get right back in your car and head to the store.

Pour your self-rising flour and 1 1/4 cup of sugar in a mixing bowl.  Take your stick of butter and place it in a microwaveable bowl and melt.

While the butter is melting, pour your 1 c. milk into the flour mixture and using a whisk, whisk away.  Now pour the melted butter in your flour mixture and again, whisk whisk whisk.

Now go and get your round casserole dish.  I have a little round shallow dish I use for cobbler or for casseroles.  But of course, if you have a square one, cobblers can be square too.

Spray your casserole dish with non-stick spray and pour your batter into your pan.

Take the Raspberries and drop them right on top of the batter.

Now take your raw sugar and sprinkle all over the top of the batter and Raspberries.  I love raw sugar because it looks like little diamonds sprinkled on top of your baked goods.  It adds a bit of a sweet crunchy topping.  I put it on top of my Cranberry Bread or Banana Bread and on top of the crust on some of my pies. 

Sprinkle away all over the top.  See how pretty raw sugar is?

Now bake your cobbler in the oven for 350 for about 50 minutes or until golden on top.  I like when the edges are a little brown and crunchy.

Normal recipes would just stop here.

But since I've been told that I continue to tell people how to eat, why on earth should I stop now?

Eating Instructions:

Serve cobbler warm, either out of the oven, or dish out individual servings and pop in the microwave for about 12 seconds.

Raspberries are known for their tart tangy flavor, and to me, the only way to eat cobbler, ESPECIALLY raspberry cobbler, is with Vanilla Ice Cream.

So if you forgot the Ice Cream, kindly ask hubby to quick like a bunny, go to the store and pick up some of your favorite type of vanilla ice cream.

I love these little individual Blue Bell Ice Cream cups.  They come in packs of 10, and you can just dish out your cobbler, and throw everyone an individual container of ice cream.  No need for the messy scooping out the ice cream, when you have these handy dandy little things.

So if you already know how to eat, I apologize in advance.

But please be sure to eat this Easy Peasy Raspberry Cobbler with Vanilla Ice Cream as directed below:

Take one bite of warm cobbler...then real quick-like, take a bite of ice cream. Gotta get both flavors going in your mouth ya know.

One bite of cobbler.....then  real quick-like, a bite of ice cream.
One bite of cobbler......then real quick-like, a bite of ice cream.

Continue until bowl is empty.

Your will belly will be so happy that you followed my eating instructions.


  1. Sally that looks soooooo good! I am salivating big time. I've never made raspberry cobbler before, I love yours and how the edges are all brown and crispy. And you are totally right, a cobbler NEEDS to be eating with vanilla ice cream :D

  2. I´ve never do a cobbler before. But it looks so great. I think i would try it this week.
    Oh i need Raspberrys:)

    Sorry for my terrible english.


  3. I agree. You absolutely MUST have vanilla ice cream with your cobbler! There's no other way to eat it!

  4. This is amazing. It got eaten very fast in my house.

  5. I loved this recipe and the very fun instructions!

  6. I made this today and I did send my husband out for the vanilla ice cream!!! Delicious and easy!

  7. Thank you for such a wonderful recipe. I pinned it to make another time. The best cobbler I've ever tasted. :)

  8. Looks so delicious and yummy! I am so excited to try this. Very colourful, flavourful and so easy to make. Thank you so much for a nice recipe.
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