Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Double Adverb BBQ CHICKEN PIZZA. Don't Judge.

I'm probably going to be judged, and judged severely on a couple things you're about to see.

But I'll take the judging and hold my head high, because hubby totally gave me the "double adverb" approval.  

My husband is a man of few words, so when he actually doubles up on words to describe how much he likes something, then you know you've done something right.

So if you start to judge me, just think about the whole, glass-house-stone thing.

Cause when people taste this, you're gonna get the ole' double adverb from people, and you will be glad you didn't rush to judgement.

2 small grilled chicken breasts
2 to 4 individual sized ready-made pizza crust or 1 regular size
4 to 8 slices fully-cooked Microwave bacon
Your favorite BBQ sauce (one with a bit sweeter taste works the best)
Mozzarella Cheese
Ranch Dressing

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

I mention the "individual sized" ready-made pizza crust because inevitably, someone in the household does not like BBQ chicken pizza.  So by using the individual sizes, everyone can have the type of pizza they want.

As for the BBQ sauce, I believe a slightly sweeter sauce works the best for this recipe.  The saltiness of the bacon, and the grilled chicken pairs really well with a subtle sweet flavor.

Pour the sauce onto the prepared pizza crust and spread around with the back of a spoon.

One of my very favorite BBQ sauces is Lil Smokers, made right here in Kansas City.  Their Sweet N Sassy flavor is pretty much one of my all-time favorites. The name sums it up. It's sweet but has a sassy bold flavor so the sweet doesn't overwhelm the taste.

Here's their link in case you're in the market for a really great BBQ sauce.  Or if you're local to KC, it can be found around town in most grocery stores

JUDGEMENT Time Number 1:

Ok, here is where some will judge.

I'm just gonna come right out and say it.

When I make BBQ Chicken Pizza..........I walk right up to the counter in the grocery store where they have the Gi-Normous bowls of pre-made potato salad, egg salad, broccoli salad, and baked beans and stuff.

You know the area.

Where the lady behind the counter, scoops you up a half pound of this or a quarter pound of that.

Well, located in that same area, most grocery stores carry already grilled chicken breasts.

Please try not to judge.

Listen, when you're in the mood for BBQ Chicken Pizza, do you really want to go outside and grill a bunch of chicken breasts first?

Unfortunately, we didn't have any left-over grilled chicken, and honestly, I didn't feel like pulling apart one of those Rotisserie chickens.

So one day I was being lazy, and I tried one of know....pre-made grilled chicken breasts.

And honestly, since I got the "double adverb" review from hubby, why change a good thing.

Dice up your chicken breast (however you chose to acquire it) into chunks and place on top of the BBQ sauce.


Again with the judging.

Yes, I bought Fully Cooked Microwave Bacon.

Again, in the case of making this recipe, Microwave bacon is perfectly fine.

Keep remembering the double adverbs that will be coming your way.

Microwave the bacon slices per package directions.  Use 2 slices per individual pizza crusts.  If you are not using the individual crusts, use 4 to 5 slices for the regular size crust.

Sprinkle microwaved bacon on top of chicken.

 Sprinkle some finely shredded Mozzarella on top of your chicken and bacon.

Place your pizza, directly onto your oven rack.  No need for using a cookie sheet.

Tip when taking out of oven: Since the pizza is baked directly on the oven rack, taking it out can be a bit tricky.  I like to hold a cookie sheet directly up to and even with the oven rack, and then I use my pizza cutter to slide the hot baked pizza right onto the cookie sheet.  Once the pizza is on the cookie sheet, I slice with my pizza cutter.

Cook until cheese is melted and bubbly.

 Now is the time where you are either going to judge me once again or thank me.

And if you're pushing for the double adverbs, then you'll thank me.

Plus, I don't know if I can take any more criticism today.

Pour about 1/4 cup of Ranch Dressing into a Ziploc baggie.

Be sure to try and pour the dressing directly into the corner of the baggie.

With a pair of scissors, snip a teeny tiny bit from the corner of the baggie.

Gently drizzle a thin amount of Ranch Dressing on top of the pizza.


Stand back and wait for all those "people of few words" to break out the double adverbs.

"This is really really good"

Definition and meaning of an Adverb:

An adverb is a word that adds information to a verb, an adjective or another adverb.

Example: "This BBQ chicken Pizza is really really good".

b, an adjective or an adverb.


  1. Sally, Darling,

    You KNOW how much I hate to mix foods/flavors....but that pizza looks REALLY, REALLY GOOD!!!! I'm going to have to try it sometime! Much love, keep the goodness coming!

    -----Lil Edie

  2. Incredibly funny and delicious post. I have to admit I did judge you ...AND you were found to be very very brilliant for coming up with this recipe.

  3. I like to add red onion to my barbecue chicken pizza. :)