Monday, November 8, 2010

Faux Taco Salad. A gals gotta do, what a gals gotta do!

Sometimes us gals have to know....what we have to do.

Guys don't necessarily have to like it.

And a Faux Taco Salad is one of those things.  I'm pretty sure guys won't like it.

But that's ok, cause I love it!

Sometimes us girls want to get the "bad for you" taste, but with the "not so bad for you" feeling.

Perfect for one of those nights when it's just YOU and your favorite DVD.

Here's who's coming for dinner:

Hearts of Romaine Lettuce
1 Cucumber, slightly peeled and cut into cubes
Extra Sharp Cheese, cut into cubes (PLEASE don't substitute shredded cheese, it just isn't gonna work)
Grape tomatoes, cut into thirds
1 Can Pinto Beans, rinsed & strained thoroughly with cold water
Frito Corn Chips
Catalina Dressing

You can make one salad, two salads, or a big bowl of salad.  That's why I didn't specify how many Hearts of Romaine Lettuce heads.

Once you combine this salad, you might find you want more cheese, and less cucumbers.  Or more tomatoes and less beans.  So as you are tossing this into your single serving salad bowl, just eyeball how many of each item you might want.

I like to chop things in little cubes, makes for funner eating.

Obviously I don't cut beans into little cubes, plus that would be just stupid.

I also like to cut my lettuce in small pieces. 

I'm one of those strange people who like to have every piece of my lettuce and salad ingredients covered with the dressing.  Plus I don't like to stick my fork into a huge piece of lettuce, then I can't shove it into my mouth.  Not very lady like, now is it?

Now get your bowl out, individual one is fine too, if you are going to Faux it alone. Get a deep bowl, cause you're gonna want to toss this all around and get the stuff good and covered with dressing.

I just eyeballed the amount of stuff I wanted in my Faux Taco Salad.  That looks just about right.

It's up to you how much Catalina dressing you want.  Try some, toss, taste...then make adjustments.

I love this Faux Taco Salad for several reasons.

1. Tomatoes, Cucumber, Beans......pretty healthy so far right?  Well sometimes I want to eat something good for me, but I want to have a little "zing" of bad for me.  That's where the Fritos come in!  They really hit the spot without eating the whole bag!

2.  Coolness of the cucumber, and tomato, with the tangy flavor of the dressing and extra sharp cheese, and then Wham, the salty of the Fritos!  Perfect combination.

3.  Plus, sometimes I just don't feel like frying up hamburger!  Faux Taco Salad!

P.S.  I know it's November, but this salad is really good in the summer, as a side dish to take to BBQs.  Just put all the stuff in separate containers and add the Catalina and sides to the lettuce just before serving.

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