Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

My husband is such a good sport.

If you knew him, you would find this extremely and amazingly hysterical.

He's a man of little words.  I've seen him at parties and get-togethers and literally have never heard him utter one word.

I rarely hear him laugh, and when he does, it's stifled.  And he only has half-a-handful of close friends.

So when you see these photos, you'll understand how much this blows me away and makes me laugh uncontrollably.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties are quite popular. They have been going on for years and years. You attend the party, wearing the ugliest Holiday sweater you can find, and go home with a prize for the ugliest sweater.  I hear these parties are quite popular across the nation.  I had no clue this type of party existed until about 4 years ago.

These so-called ugly sweaters are quite sought after on eBay. This time of year they can go for 60 dollars or sometimes way more.

So every year, I try to find these "ugly" sweaters, and make hubby try them on, and do a photo shoot for my eBay auctions.

This is the result: (Please remember, this is a guy that never ever brings attention to himself in any way-shape-or-form and finds it painful to bring on conversation to people he really doesn't know)

I have to stop because I can barely see, for the tears in my eyes from all the laughter.

If you happen to have a Santa hat, and an Ugly Christmas Sweater, then watch out, because I believe your alter ego could come out!

Here's to the upcoming Holidays and all the shy boys out there!


  1. I saw this on Susan's FB page and thought for sure that was your hubby!! too funny! he did a really great job! lol, every picture has me laughing. too funny!

  2. Ryan is that you in there?


  3. drunk did you get him before he agreed to do all of those pics...they are FANTASTIC...he even makes those sweaters look HOT ~ LOL!