Saturday, November 13, 2010

Out With the Old......In with the New

I have a problem. 

I know it, and I fully admit it.

I get all "Organizational on Myself" sometimes.

I go through fazes where I suddenly have to get organized.

My Closet......My Make-up drawer..........The Kitchen Cabinets....My Junk name it, I just might have to organize it.

I wake up one day, and something over-comes me and I have to organize.

I can go months without the feeling, then one day, Wham, it hits me, and I'm like Martha Stewart times 10.

But the one thing, I have no trouble being Organized in...the one thing that I need not worry my Holiday Decor.

The only thing in my life that I can rely on being Organized is my Holiday Stuff.

So on November 13th as I look upon the neatly "Old October" items..........and smile at my ever-waiting December friends, I can feel stress-free.  Because everything is alright.

So today I say, Out with the Old, and In with the New.

Be patient my December Buddies.....for you only have a couple weeks left before you can shine.
And as for my dear October friends, 11 more months until we see you again.

Out with the Old......

In With The New.....

Soon my December friends, soon!

1 comment:

  1. OoOo I want those penguin plates! My girlfriend would go crazy for those!!! I do the same thing when I get on an organization roll, i have to do it all...the kitchen junk drawer, the bathroom drawers, makeup, closet, all of it!