Friday, October 7, 2011

STEAK Lime Tacos With Spicy Grilled Corn Salsa. Muy Caliente!

If spicy dishes are not in your recipe line-up, then I suggest you read no further.

I'm sure there are some people who might think Jalapenos are not that spicy.

And that can be some-what true depending on your tongue's Scoville Heat Unit.

Scoville is the meter on which Hot Peppers are measured.

Kind of like the Richter Scale in reference to measuring an Earthquake.

So if we take a look at the scale below, Jalapenos are really not THAT hot.
Jalapenos are listed at 5,000 heat units compared to the Habanero pepper at a whopping 350,000.

So if you're up for some "heat units" in your life, then I think you'll really like this.

Personally, I love the combination of the crisp cool texture of the grilled sweet corn, along with the spicy bits of Jalapeno, and the citrus taste of the Lime.

This dish has my name written all over it.

Hubby....not so crazy about it.

Me......LOVE IT.

2 lbs (give or take) of Flank Steak
Kosher Salt
Steak Seasoning of your choice
2 Limes (I know there are 3 in the photo.  I always over buy)
1 (16 ounce) bag of frozen sweet corn
1/2 small onion diced
1/4 c. of diced Jalapenos from a can
2 Tbsp. sour cream
2 Tbsp. Olive Oil or regular Vegetable Oil
Flour Tortillas

Lay your Flank Steak on a foiled lined roasting pan and sprinkle it with Kosher Salt.  My grocery only had small cuts, so I had to buy two cuts of Flank Steak, each were at a little over a pound.

Now sprinkle the steak with some sort of steak seasoning.  I happened to have BEORKIN Seasoning in the cabinet so I used that.

Get it?  Beorkin.  Beef, Pork, Chicken.  Clever, very clever.

I'm sure any steak type seasoning will do.  Monteral Steak Seasoning is a really good one too.

I think they all pretty much have the same ingredients.

Sprinkle your flank steak with your steak seasoning and set aside.

These are about how big the pieces of Flank Steak I like to get.

While the steak rests with the seasonings, lets get the corn salsa ready.

Dice up 1/2 half of a small onion into small pieces.  Set aside.

Get out a pan, and on medium high heat, heat up 2 tablespoons of olive oil.  Regular vegetable oil is ok too.  Let the oil heat up for about 2 minutes then carefully place your corn in the hot oil.

Be sure to use a big enough pan, so your corn isn't all crowded.

Keep tossing and turning the corn in the hot oil until it's all grilled looking, and a tad brownish.  This gets it all sweet and crunchy.

Once the corn is done, toss it into a large bowl.

Now in the same pan, add the onions, and cook until tender.  Adding a tad more oil if need be.

Once they are done, toss in with the corn.

Open your can of diced Jalapenos and add 1/4 cup into the corn onion mixture.

Toss together and now add the 2 Tbsp. of sour cream.

Combine all together and place the corn mixture in the refrigerator.

Ok, back to the steak.  Turn your oven broiler on and make sure your rack is sitting on the top position.

Once broiler is heated up and ready to go, place in your flank steak in the oven.

If you have the size flank steak that I've shown in the photos above, you're going to broil the steak for about 5 minutes on each side.

Attention Por Favor - Flank Steak needs to be cooked only until pink in the middle.  That's why 5 minutes on each side should be plenty enough cooking time.  Any longer will result in tough steak.

Broil the first 5 minutes, then carefully flip over for another five minutes.

They should pretty much look like this when finished.

Next step is Muy Importante.  That means "very important" in steak taco language.

Let the steak sit and don't touch them for about 10 minutes.

They need a little Siesta so-to-speak.

Let them rest, so all the juices fall into place.

While your steak is having a little nap, go ahead and get out your limes and cut them into wedges.

Now is the time to warm up your tortillas if you like them warm.

After the steak has rested, get out a nice serrated knife.

Slice your steak against the grain in thin strips.
Once sliced, lay steak pieces on a warm tortilla.  Top with the cooled spicy corn salsa.

Squeeze one lime slice over the top.

 Cool, crisp, sweet corn with 5,000 Scoville units of Zest.



  1. I love spicy food, and anything Mexican or southwestern. This looks wonderful!

    Question... it seems like you could make the corn/jalapeno mixture with any meat... chicken, pork, maybe even on fish tacos??? Do you think it would work? It feels like this could be one of those great master recipes that will work with whatever is in the fridge.

  2. Looks delicious and I think my husband would love. This is now on my to do list. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hello, my name is Jason Gardner and I am the owner/creator of BEORKEN Sauces & Rubs. Imagine my excitement when I came across this recipe. I would like to share some recipe ideas with you whenever you would like. My contact info is on my website. Thanks